Monday, March 30, 2009

Reliving Childhood

Helping people relive their childhood could be a very concise way of describing what 'Kala' does. We all have had moments when we have coloured our hands and faces while trying to rigorously use crayons or while splashing water colours on our drawing sheets and this is what all of us experience again in every event organized by 'Kala'. Following are some of the pictures of a non conventional painting competition organized infront of the Library.

Colors: an integral part of Kala

Nikhil working diligently on his sheet


The happiness quotient of Campus has certainly increased



RaSh said...

Haw! Atleast give credit to the Photographer! :P

Divesh said...

photographers actually...

Tasneem Najmuddin said...

U guys are doing such a great job!!!

Divesh said...


thanx.. :)

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