Tuesday, May 26, 2009

David Gilmour sketch in mixed media.

A new painting after a long time. This is David Gilmour of the Pink Floyd, one of my favourite guitarists and vocalists. And he is performing at the Pulse Concert, singing 'Shine on you crazy diamond.' (btw, one of the most awesome songs ever written.) This is done in a mixed medium. I have used oil pastels of purple and prussian to give the sinister feel which fits the song. The whole sketch is in shades of blue. The guitar, whose surface is relatively smooth, is done in watercolours. The watercolours give a beautiful effect when painted on the pastels, because they don' spread on oil. This is how I could achieve the light effect on his shirt. A bit of highlights with a pen. The whole sketch was supposed to have this mysterious effect, something between a silhouette and a proper figure. This is a part of a series which I am doing which is based on music and its various genres. So more symbolic sketches and musicians will follow. Tell me how it is!


Rakesh Vanamali said...

What a brilliant tribute to the man who has been at the helm of Pink Floyd for such a long time!

Btw, did u know that Shine on you crazy diamond was written & sung as a tribute to Syd Barret?

It is among my most fav of Pink Floyd tracks!

Kaushal Sapre said...

Ofcourse. And supposedly, Syd Barrett wandered into the studio when they were recording this very song, with a cleanshaven head and eyebrows- remnants of his mental illness. And Waters very lyrically describes his eyes as '...Now theres a look in your eyes, like black holes in the skies.'

Beautiful lines, absolute poetic brilliance. And Godlike music. All the music has been derived from a wrongly held A minor chord by Gilmour which sounded sinister and mysterious. (Oh I can't stop writing about this song....)
Anyways, glad you like it Rakesh.

interceptor said...

i mean ur something u know!!!! :) its awesome!!!!!!!!

Drifter said...

Firstly, brilliant piece of work!!! You've captured the essence of Shine on and yep, Shine on's one of the awesomest songs ever written!! :)

Anonymous said...


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Redefining Oblivion wishes you a Very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Purposeful 2012, and beyond.

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