Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kala @ Waves - A lookback

Waves 2009 was a the biggest cultural fest BITS Pilani Goa had seen till now. 3 days filled with loads of events, and Kala helped organize the art events.

I guess this post was due for long. Anyway while going through a few of the pics I clicked, I decided to post some of them here.

Hope you had a great time at Waves, just like we all did!

The Kala palette - 5 Events organized by Kala

The Kala Stall :)

Panaroma Paintings

Nikhil in Merge (Sketching competition), with the theme "Reflection"

Unconventional Painting - The crowd (1)

Unconventional Painting - The crowd (2)

Blind Art (Yup art with your eyes closed!) :P

A part of Kala:
[Sitting] Suchi, Shipra, Sakshi, Rasagy (me!), Sutirth
[Standing] Nikhil, Divesh

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