Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thats a self portrait. Guess which song I'm playing!
This is a charcoal sketch. Now charcoal is a quite tricky medium to handle. It spreads, smears and stains like hell. You have to be really careful while using it. Especially lefties like me have to take care and sketch from the right side of the paper to the left side so that the charcoal doesn't smear. But it is also a really beautiful medium. If used properly, it can really give a good depth to the drawing. Again, a extra care should be taken about the shade-light effects because you can blalantly see them in the sketch. A little mistake can make the sketch seem unreal. While practicing charcoal sketching, keep something in front of you- anything- a bottle, your cell phone or maybe your complete worktable and try to sketch accurately it as fast as possible. Its a very simple exercise to increase proficiency over charcoal and also sketch faster. Try it!


Divesh said...

hey nice...you look thin and short too..

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Well portrayed! Only after reading your note did I know that there are so many intricacies in sketching!

On a different note, were you playing Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits or Hotel California by Eagles?

Kaushal Sapre said...

yup, its Hotel C.

interceptor said...

hey..nice one... n i like tht song too.... :)

interceptor said...

kaushal!!!!! how u doing???? long time... hows things? and wr u by the way? post ur new work on the blog na... some inspiration il get :P

and hws vacations?

madhu :)

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